Chromic Acid CAS 1333-82-0

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Chromic acid is also called chromic anhydride, or chromic trioxide. Its molecular formula is CrO3, with relative molecular weight of 99.994. Appearing in dark red or purple trimetric crystallization, it is strong oxidizer and deliquescent. It dissolves in water, sulfuric acid and nitric acid.

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Product name: Chromic Acid/ Chromic anhydride/ Chromium trioxide 
Chemical Formula: CrO3, 
Molecular Weight: 99.994. 
Appearance: Dark Red Flakes. 
Melting Point: 197ºC ((Starts To Decompose). 
Specific Gravity: 2.70 G/Cm3. Strong Oxidation, Deliquesces Readily In Air, And Highly Soluble In Water. Flammable In Friction With Organic Compounds. Poisonous.

Is an important chromium compound, is the most important raw material of electroplating industry, used as the main raw material of electroplating chromium.
Mainly used in electroplating industry.
Is a good oxidant, can be used for bleaching, refining, but also can be used as dye raw material, mordant, tanning agent and organic synthesis reaction catalyst.
In addition, it is also used in medicine, ceramics, colored glass and other industries.
25kg/50kg/200kg/250kg iron drum

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