Potassium Borohydride

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Potassium Borohydride is a selective reductant with wide solubility in protic media. It converts aldehydes and ketones to the corresponding alcohols in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals. It is used as a hydrogen source and a foaming agent for rubbers.

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Description of goods:  Potassium Borohydride

Mol.formula:           C6FeK3N6
CAS No. :              13746-66-2
Grade Standard:       Industrial Grade
Purity:                 99%min



Items Specifications
K3Fe(CN)6 % 99.5
Chloride (KCl) % 0-0.4
Cl- % 0-0.2
K4Fe(CN)6  % 0.16-0.4
Water Insoluble % 0.005-0.1


More about Red prussiate/13746-66-2

1. Stable. Incompatible with ammonia, strong acids, strong oxidizing agents. Reaction with acids yields toxic           gas. May discolour on exposure to light.

2. Deep red or red monoclinic system columnar crystal or powder.Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol,     methyl acetate and ammonia



Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Keep away from moisture.



Used for printing plate making, color film oxidation, bleaching and color, blue print paper, photographic developing (antibacterial synergist, PMP, etc.), cut with


25kg/bag,25kg/drum or 1000kg/bag

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