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Aluminum sulfate (chemical formula Al2(SO4)3, formula weight 342.15), white orthorhombic crystalline powder, density 1.69g/cm³ (25℃). In the paper industry, it is used as a precipitant for rosin gum, wax emulsion and other rubber materials, as a flocculant in water treatment, and as an internal retention agent for foam fire extinguishers, raw materials for the production of alum and aluminum white, petroleum decolorization, deodorant, and some Raw materials for medicines, etc. It can also produce artificial gems and high-grade ammonium alum.

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    Description of goods:    Aluminum sulfate

    Mol.formula:                    Al2(SO4)3
    CAS No. :                          10043-01-3
    Grade Standard:            Industrial Grade
    Purity:                               17% aluminium sulphate



    Items                                         Indexes

    Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)%      17%min

    Fe2O3                                         0.005%max

    PH                                            3.0-3.5
    Water insoluble %                    0.1%max

    Size                                         15mm



    1. Used as a paper sizing agent in the paper industry to enhance the water resistance and impermeability of paper; 2. After being dissolved in water, the fine particles and natural colloidal particles in the water can be coagulated into large flocs, which can be removed from the water, so it is used as a coagulant for water supply and wastewater; 3. Used as turbid water purifier, also used as precipitating agent, fixing agent, filler, etc. Used as an antiperspirant cosmetic raw material (astringent) in cosmetics; 4. In the fire protection industry, it forms a foam fire extinguishing agent with baking soda and foaming agent; 5. Analytical reagents, mordants, tanning agents, grease decoloring agents, wood preservatives; 6. Stabilizers for albumin pasteurization (including liquid or frozen whole eggs, egg whites or egg yolks); 7. It can be used as raw material for the manufacture of artificial gemstones, high-grade ammonium alum, and other aluminates; 8. In the fuel industry, it is used as a precipitant in the production of chrome yellow and lake dyes, and at the same time plays a role of fixing and filler.

    In plastic woven bags with inner lined 25kg or 50 kg net

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