Sodium Hydrosulfide Flakes CAS No.16721-80-5

Short Description:

Sodium Hydrosulfide is yellow or yellowish flake solid, soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, etc
 Dyestuff industry is used to synthesize organic intermediates and auxiliaries for preparing sulfur dyes. Mining industry is widely used in copper ore dressing. Colorless needle-like crystal,easy to be deliquesced,it will decomposed and release hydrogen disulfide at its melting point,soluble in water and alcohols, its water solution is strongly alkaline, it will generate hydrogen disulfide when reacting with acids. The industrial good is solution, orange or yellow, bitter taste.

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Description of goods:  Sodium Hydrosulfide

Mol.formula:           NaHS
CAS No. :               16721-80-5
Grade Standard:       Industrial Grade
Purity:                 70%min



Item Specification
NaHS (%) 70%min
Na2S (%) 1.5Max
Na2SO3 (%) 1.0Max
Fe  (%) 0.003Max
NaCO3 (%) 0.6Max
Matter insoluble in water (%) 0.005Max


The chemical compound with the formula NaHS.Sodium Hydrosulfide is applied in the leather industry, waste water treatment, soil remediation, the mining industry and pulp paper and amongst others.

Sodium hydrosulfide have 2 kinds of appearance,70%min yellow flake and 30% yellowsih liquid.
We have different specs which depends on Fe content,we have 10ppm,15ppm,20ppm and 30ppm.Different Fe content,the quality is different.


Flotation activator, leather use, leather and textile, dyes, textile chemicals, watertreatment, leather unhairing, leather tanning, leather agent, dyeing, textile chemical, mining chemical, dye leather, bleaching paper pulps,
flotation, gold flotation reagents, fertilizer, agriculture, mining reagents xanthate, mineral processing, fluorite flotation, diggings, mineral processing reagents, intermediate compound, dyestuff, textile pigment, xanthate mining reagents, flotation collector, chemical fertilizers, man-made fiber production, sulfur dye auxiliaries, organic intermediates, ionizer water purifier,tanning, ammonium sulfide, ethanethiol, Sulfurous acid dyeing.


25kgs/pp pe bag

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