• Polyaluminium Chloride PAC  waste Water Treatment Chemicals

    Polyaluminium Chloride PAC waste Water Treatment Chemicals

    The product called PAC for short. PAC is a kind of inorganic macromolecule flocculant. Solid appears as light yellow.

    It has strong capacity of purification of water, wide application, a wide application in PH rang of 5.0-9.0. It can effectively remove the stimuli in water, such as SS, COD, BOD and remove heavy mental such as As, Pb, Hg, ect. At the low temperature of water, it can still keep the stable sedimentation effects; lower corrosiveness on piping equipment.

    It is widely applied for treating the drinking water, industrial waste water and daily sewage etc.
  • Ferric Chloride Liquid 39%-41% CAS 7705-08-0

    Ferric Chloride Liquid 39%-41% CAS 7705-08-0

    Ferric chloride solution is a covalent compound. Chemical formula: FeCl3. is dark brown solution. Under the direct light is dark red, reflecting green under the light, sometimes showing light brown black, the melting point of 306 DEG C, the boiling point of 316 DEG C, soluble in water and has strong water absorbability, can absorb water from the air and moisture.
  • Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate CAS No.10102-4-6

    Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate CAS No.10102-4-6

    Sodium molybdate dihydrate is a kind of white or slightly lustrous squamous crystal with the density of 3.2g/cm3. Soluble in water, it will lose the water of crystallization at 100°C.
  • Sodium Bisulfate CAS No.7681-38-1

    Sodium Bisulfate CAS No.7681-38-1

    Sodium bisulfate (chemical formula: NaHSO4), also known as acid sodium sulfate. Its anhydrous substance is hygroscopic. The aqueous solution is acidic, and the pH of a 0.1mol/L sodium bisulfate solution is about 1.4. Sodium bisulfate can be obtained in two ways. By mixing sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid in such amounts, sodium bisulfate and water can be obtained. NaOH + H2SO4 → NaHSO4 + H2O Sodium chloride (table salt) and sulfuric acid can react at high temperatures to produce sodium bisulfate and hydrogen chloride gas. NaCl + H2SO4 → NaHSO4 + HCl household cleaner (45% solution); extraction of metallic silver; reduction of the alkalinity of swimming pool water; pet food; 4 as a preservative when analyzing soil and water samples in the laboratory; Used in the preparation of sulfuric acid. 
  • Benzotriazole (BTA) CAS No.95-14-7

    Benzotriazole (BTA) CAS No.95-14-7

    Benzotriazole BTA mainly used as antirust agent and corrosion inhibitor for metals. It is widely used in the antirust oil products such as gas phase corrosion inhibitor , in treating agent for recycling water ,in antifreeze for cars antifogging for photograph , also used as stabilizer for macromolecular compound growth regulator for plant, lubricant additive, ultraviolet absorbent etc. It can be used together with many kind of scale inhibitors and bactericide and algaecide , show excellent anticorrosion effect in close recycling cooling water system..


    Calcium Hypochlorite can be widely used as disinfectant, bleaching agent or oxidant because of the available chlorine in the product, for example, it has a wonderful disinfections for swimming-pool, drinking water, cooling tower & sewage and waste water, food, farming, hospital, school, station and household etc., good bleaching and oxidation are also found in paper and dye industry.


    1,Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (Powder)
    2,Both anhydrate and dihydrate, 56%min & 60%min
    3,Good quality with competitive price
    4.granular with 20-40mesh,40-60mesh
    5.the tablet can be made by customer requirement,1g/tablet;2g/tablet;5g/tablet;10g/tablet


    TCCA is an organic compound, widely used as an industrial disinfectant, bleachingagent and a reagent in organic synthesis.
    There are 3 apperance, Powder/Granular/tablet, according to the usage
    1. Appearance: white tablet
    2. Available chlorine: 90.00%MIN
    3. Moisture: 0.50%MAX
    4. 1% water solution PH: 2.7-3.3

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