Magnesium Oxide tech grade food grade pharm grade CAS No.1309-48-4

Short Description:

MgO is widely used in rubber (tire, cable, conveyor belt, synchronous belt, triangle belt, rubber tube, rubber plate, rubber roller, seal, rubber plug, etc.), adhesive, friction materials, organic magnesium salts, electronic components, catalysts, ceramics, glass fiber reinforced plastic, dye, medicine, national defense and other

90%-92% magnesium oxide, high purity magnesium oxide, light magnesium oxide, light active magnesium oxide, or tailored to different specifications of magnesium oxide products according to the different requirements of customers.

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  1. Products    产品名称:Magnesium Oxide 氧化镁
  2. CAS NO.  产品 CAS 号:1309-48-4
  3. Specs   产品规格



Magnesium Oxide, MgO 氧化镁 w/% (Constant Weight)


Calcium Oxide, CaO 氧化钙 w/%

0. 50

Chloride, Cl 氯化物 w/%

0. 35

Sulfate, SO,硫酸盐 w/%

0. 2

Iron Oxide, Fe203  w/%

0. 03

Passing 325 mesh (325 目试验筛)w/%

≥99. 9

Loss On Ignition, LOI 灼烧失量 w/%


Bulk density 堆积密度(g/ml)

0. 30-0. 40

Caustic Magnesium Activity, CMA 活性,s



4. Description 产品描述


This is high purity MgO with high reactivity and precipitation efficiency which is produced by high purity magnesium mines.

5.Application 主要用途

Mainly used for Cobalt precipitation .主要用于钴提炼。

6.Package 包装

750kg/ bag, 750公斤吨包

7.Storage 存储

Store in dry place. Exposure to moisture may cause caking.


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