Outstanding employees Celebarate New Year's Eve in Sanya

Under the company's careful and thorough arrangements, on December 28, SJZ CHEM-PHARM CO.,LTD organized outstanding employees fly to Sanya, Hainan, and embarked on a five-day trip to the colorful tropical islands. In order to enhance the care for employees in their work and life, inspire their morale, give full play to the leading role of outstanding employees, and strive to create a more positive working atmosphere.

      This trip to Sanya mainly visited Wuzhizhou Island, Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Park and Tianya Haijiao. While enjoying the blue beaches and gorgeous scenery of Hainan, and feeling the unique tropical customs of Sanya, everyone also temporarily put aside the tension Work, relax and rest in the blue sea and blue sky, full of laughter along the way, and spent a unique New Year's Eve together.

Post time: Aug-31-2020

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