VANCOUVER, Aug. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global zinc oxide market is valued at US$4.92 billion in 2021 and is expected to remain at a commendable 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period. .2%. to the latest comprehensive analysis from Emergen Research. This strong growth trajectory is primarily driven by the rapid adoption of zinc oxide nanoparticles in various applications, which is a key factor contributing to the expansion of market revenues.
        Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles (NPs) have emerged as dynamic platforms for a number of applications, especially in biomedical research. Their notable properties include potent anticancer and antibacterial properties, which are promoted by the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and induction of apoptosis. The versatility of zinc oxide nanoparticles is further expanded as they serve as effective drug carriers capable of targeted delivery of drugs to specific sites. This strategic deployment mitigates unexpected toxicities and off-target effects, thereby enhancing the synergistic therapeutic effect.
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        A notable trend in the market is the innovative use of zinc oxide coated zeolite adsorbents for humic acid removal. This new method involves modification of zeolite 4A with nitric acid and subsequent functionalization with Zn(NO3)26H2O to produce ZnO-coated zeolite adsorbents. These customized adsorbents are used to remove humic acid (HA) from aqueous solutions and show convincing results. Comprehensive analysis, including porosity determination, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, confirmed the effectiveness of the resulting material.
        These results highlight the interesting relationship between the positive charge density of ZnO-coated zeolite adsorbents and the amount of ZnO coating on the zeolite. This interaction creates a higher affinity for negatively charged ions, thereby increasing adsorption capacity. It is important to note that the acid treatment significantly increased the adsorption capacity. These findings collectively confirm the strong adsorption capacity of ZnO-coated zeolite adsorbents, especially for the removal of HA from aqueous solutions. The effective electrostatic interaction between the negative functional groups of HA and the positive charges of the adsorbent underscores their effectiveness.
        The diverse applications of zinc oxide, including nanoparticles and innovative adsorbent approaches, reflect the dynamic market situation. As technological advancements continue to advance, the practicality of zinc oxide will facilitate new discoveries and practical solutions in various fields, thereby guiding the further expansion of market revenues.
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        The global zinc oxide market is quite fragmented, with many large and mid-sized companies accounting for the majority of market revenue. Key players are pursuing various strategies, M&A deals, strategic agreements and contracts to develop, test and launch more effective zinc oxide solutions. Some of the major players included in the Global Zinc Oxide Market report are:
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       Emergen Research segments the global zinc oxide market by grade, application, process type and region:
        Aviation analytics market, by component (services, software), by application (fuel management, others), by end use (airports, others), by region. Forecasts until 2030.
       Retail analytics market, by type of component (solutions, services), by type of application (sales analytics, price analysis, customer analytics), by type of organization size (large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses), by region, forecast until 2030
       Agricultural Analytics Market Forecasts to 2028 by Component (Services, Solutions), By Farm Size (Small/Medium Farms, Large Farms), By Deployment Method (On-Premise, Cloud), By Application (Livestock Analytics, Farm Analytics) and by Area
       Sports Analytics Market Forecast to 2030 by Type (Individual Sports, Team Sports and E-Sports), Component (Solutions, Services), Deployment Mode (On-Premises and Cloud), Analytics, End Use (Sports Associations and Sports Teams) and by Area
       Business Intelligence and Analytics Market Segmented by Process Type (Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)), Data Delivery (Traditional Channel, Modern Channel), Application, End Use and Region, Forecast to 2027 .
       Healthcare Analytics Market Forecast to 2030 by Component (Software, Hardware, Services), Deployment (Cloud, On-Premises, Web Hosting), Solution, Application, End Use and Region
        Edge analytics market by component (services, solutions), by type (prescriptive analytics, descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics), by deployment (cloud, on-premises), by end use (manufacturing, energy, etc.). ), forecast by region until 2027.
        The medical image analysis market is segmented by modality (tomography, ultrasound imaging, radiological imaging, combined modalities), imaging type (2D, 3D, 4D imaging), application (orthopedics, dentistry, neurology, cardiology, oncology, gynecology, obstetrics) and regional regions. . forecasts until 2027
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