Chrome Oxide Green Chromium (III) Oxide CAS No.:1308-38-9

Short Description:

High Purity 99% Chrome Oxide Green
Our chrome oxide green is produced from high quality chromic acid flakes, with very low impurities as well as very low hexavalent chromium content which can reach to 5ppm max. It ‘s particle size is well distributed.

Chrome oxide green has strong tinting strength, hardness and melting pointing which makes it idea material for pigment, abrasive product and fire resistant product.

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It is cubic crystal system or amorphous powder, olive green, which has metallic luster. its gravity is 5.21, melting point is 2,266±25ºC and boiling point is 4,000ºC. It can not dissolve in water and acidic solution, but it can dissolve in the solution of alkali metallic bromate.
It is very stable to light, atmosphere, high temperature and corrosive gas (SO2, H2S etc.)
It has high covering power and magnetism.

Other name: Chromium(III) Oxide
Appearance: Light or dark green powder
Molecular Formula: Cr2O3
AS No: 1308-38-9




Green Powder


Paint and Coating Industry

Plastic,ceramic and

printing ink industry etc.


99.00% Min

99.00% Min


0.20% Max

0.20% Max

Water Soluble Matter:

0.30% Max

0.30% Max

Oil Absorption:



Tinting Strength:



Residue on mesh:

0.30% Max (600 Mesh)

0.10% Max (325 Mesh)

Cr+6 Level:

5 Max

PH Value:


Finished chrome oxide powder is loaded into moisture-proof plastic bag, well sealed.
Outer plastic woven bag tearing resistance is applied to protect product safety during multiple transshipment.
Small package with net 25 kg.
Jumbo bag is also available according to customer requirements.
Pallet is suggested to be used for easy handling and better protection.

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