Alkalized / Natural Cocoa Powder

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Alkalized Cocoa Powder is nutritious, contains high-calorie fat and rich protein and carbohydrates. Cocoa powder also contains a certain amount of alkaloids, theobromine and caffeine, which have the function of expanding blood vessels and promoting blood circulation in the human body. The consumption of cocoa products is very beneficial to human health.
Cocoa powder uses natural cocoa beans as raw materials. Alkalized Cocoa Powder is a brownish-red powdery solid made by screening, roasting, refining, alkalization, sterilization, squeezing, powdering and other processes using an imported hydraulic press production line. Alkalized Cocoa Powder has a natural cocoa fragrance.

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Product Name:    Alkalized / Natural Cocoa Powder

Appearance:      Brownish to light brown powder

Grade:           Food Grade

Plant Source:     Cocoa

Part of used:      Fruits

Shelf life:         2 years



Item Cocoa Powder Types Specification
Fat Content High-fat cocoa powder Fat 22%~24%
Medium fat cocoa powder Fat 10%~12%
Low-fat cocoa powder Fat 5%~7%
Processing Methods Natural cocoa powder PH 5.0~8.0
Alkalized powder PH 6.2~7.5



Cocoa powder is made from cocoa beans through fermentation, coarse crushing, peeling and degreasing. Cocoa powder is divided into high, medium and low fat cocoa powder according to the fat content; according to the different processing methods, it is divided into natural powder and alkalized powder. Cocoa powder has a strong cocoa aroma and can be used in high-end chocolate, beverages, milk, ice cream, candy, cakes and other cocoa-containing foods.


Natural cocoa powder is mostly used in chocolate production.

Natural cocoa powder is light brown cocoa powder produced without adding any additives during the processing of cocoa beans into cocoa powder;

Alkalizing powder with a higher PH value is mostly used in beverages.
Alkalized cocoa powder is added with edible alkali during the processing of cocoa beans to achieve the purpose of adjusting the pH value. At the same time, the color of cocoa powder is also deepened, and the aroma is much stronger than that of natural cocoa powder.



in 25kg bags

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